“The physical therapy with Andy has helped my overall health more than
anything else.”

Alice J.


“You saved my life. Thank you.”

Julia M.


“I thank God every day I found you.”

Naomi H.


Dear Andy,

When I had my knee operation, I was in so much pain that I wondered if I would ever walk again. It was one of the worst pains I have ever had in my life. The past five months have been one of the hardest I have been through.

I am so thankful I had you as my Physical Therapist. I knew that with your fantastic skills and compassion that you would get me through. No matter how I felt, you were always there to encourage me and give me right exercises that were appropriate for how I was doing physically. No matter how I was emotionally, you were always there listening.

I don’t know how to thank you for everything you have done for me not only the past five months but also what you have done for me through the years. I don’t know how many years I have seen you but you have always helped me no matter what the problem was.

If a doctor asked me where I wanted to go to physical therapy, I always said that I want to see you. You have my total trust which is not easy to get.

I am so grateful to you for everything you have done. As my knee is progressing, I am sure we will start again with my neck and shoulders. So, I won’t have to say goodbye yet.

I just want you to know how incredibly thankful I am to have you as my physical therapist. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.

Barbara Kattman


“Andy has made incredible changes to my body.”

Gary R.


“Andy has made such a big difference in getting rid of my pain. It’s changed my life.”

Alice J.


“I’ve had so much pain throughout my life, I though I was just going to live with it. Thanks to Marin Physical Therapy, I’m nearly pain free.

Carol L.


Hi Andy,
I’ve wanted to contact you for several months…but as things go it got away from my. You and your staff helped me so much as I recovered from my foot surgery. (hallux rigidus, osteotomy, chellectomy) I just wanted to let you know that it has been several months now that I have returned to nearly full function. I can hike, walk, run (short bursts), push off my foot etc., do yoga and Pilates….yeah! Of course it is not 100% but I am pleased and so grateful for the therapy and recommendations you gave me, and especially letting me know how long it would take for the foot (toe) to really heal. The metal plate is still somewhat of an irritant but only when I compress my foot/ankle (steep climbs).

This must be one of the more common ailments of women of a certain age…because I now know too many that have toe/foot problems or broken metatarsal bones etc. My scooters have been loaned out and in one case sold to others needing them.

I always echo your words about the time it takes for the foot to heal. Anyway, very appreciative of all you did. The Roc tape is key too, I use it when I go for long hikes or on vacations where I will be walking longer distances.

Thanks so much, and hope all is well with your family and your practice.


Karen P.


Thank you for looking at my “syndrome”. As I mentioned, I truly value your expertise and place you at the top for my health care.

You are always at the top of my list when I have PT post-surgical patients or other patients I can’t figure out.

Thank you again.

Jon, a Referring Physician


I had a cortisone injection in my lower back to treat a pinched nerve that caused chronic numbness and tingling in my right foot and lower leg. Unfortunately, it didn’t help resolve the issue. The surgeon referred me to Andrew Kelly at Marin Physical Therapy to see if PT could help me. Andy examined me and found that my lower back (actually, my entire back) was extremely stiff and inflexible and that my sacroiliac joint area was twisted so that the left side of the ilium was rearward of where it should be in relation to the sacrum and the right side of the ilium. Andy worked to adjust the area to get the ilium properly aligned with the sacrum. He also put me through a number of stretching exercises aimed at creating more space in the area where the nerve was pinched. By the end of that first one-hour session the tingling and numbness was gone. I was amazed.

Subsequent to that first session I had several further visits. It took a few sessions to get the sacroiliac area completely aligned and, fortunately, it has remained aligned in the months since then. I continue to do the stretching exercises at home, but not as regularly as I should. I have not had a return of the numbness and tingling. I must say that when the cortisone injection did not work I was not optimistic that PT would solve the problem because I had tried PT once before at another office and got no relief. I feel very fortunate that I was referred to Andy Kelly.

Jim C.



I am very pleased with your operation and your level of professionalism. I believe you are aware of my brief experience with another physical therapy clinic, where they didn’t bother to look at my prescription and insisted that I continue lower abdominal exercises even though it made my back pain worse. Since completing my care at your clinic, my back pain is gone. Thank you again for your more-than-attentive help with making my life a more livable one. The folks at Marin Physical Therapy are certainly fortunate to have someone of you skill, intuition, and professional manner. Be sure that I will let everyone I know hear about my beneficial experience with you.

Very sincerely yours,

Richard H.


To Whom it May Concern:

I met Andy as a result of a disappointing experience with another physical therapist. The difference was obvious in the first five minutes with Andy.

Andy is hands-on and one-on-one. He is sincerely interested in his patients’ progress.

Over the years, I have gained so much confidence in Andy that I went to him for a second opinion after my orthopedist suggested that I might require surgery for a torn meniscus.

Andy suggested that I try some specific stretches to determine if my problem was a meniscus or a very tight “IT” band. After a couple of weeks of faithfully doing what he suggested, the pain went away and I was able to resume jogging.

When you find a person who is totally committed to excellence in their chosen field of endeavor, you just want to tell everyone. Andy is the best!


Bill S.


Noah Weiss, M.D.
357 Perkins Street
Sonoma, CA 95476

Dear Dr. Weiss:

I have talked with you about Marin Physical Therapy and how pleased I have been with the treatment that I have received at their facility. Last year, I had a very serious back problem and physical therapy was the recommended treatment. Believe me, it did work.

The primary reason that I am so sold on their method of practice is that each patient is treated one on one with a highly qualified therapist. Over the years, I have had physical therapy at a number of very good centers. Yet, none that I have seem compares with Martin Physical Therapy. In addition, the result of the treatment wit the acrylic tool has produced amazingly favorable results on the shoulder incision area.

Obviously, I am recommending this facility to you and I would hope that you will be able to refer your Marin patients to them, particularly those who need excellent one on one therapy. I am copying Andy Kelly on this letter and you will be haring from him in the very near future. Andy owns Marin Physical Therapy.

My thanks to you for all the kindness that you have shown me and my family over the past several months.

Jim W.


Dear Andy:

I am writing to you to extend my personal thanks for the many things that you and your staff have shown me over the past several weeks. I have not experienced the type of Physical Therapy that your organization provides for its’ patients and I want you to know that it is greatly appreciated!

Having worked with you and matt, albeit briefly, has provided me with some good basics to continue the program through proper exercise. I feel fortunate to have worked mainly with Jesse, who is an outstanding person and has the background and knowledge that has helped me a great deal to overcome the back problems that I was experiencing. I have learned so much, in a relatively short time, that will be beneficial for many years to come. Joanne has been so gracious and kind in keeping my calendar up to date and correct, as well as being such a great person. You have really established a great and caring staff.

My sincere thanks to call of you for your tremendous help and care. Be assured that I will recommend your facility to my family and friends. In fact, I have spoken with 3 of my Doctors and I have spoken highly of your practice.




Dear Andy,

I want to again express the gratitude that I expressed to you today for “giving me my life back.” When I first saw you on April 4, 2006 it was a last resort before some kind of back surgery. I had already made an appointment with Dr. Byers (for April 20) to determine what kind of surgery he would recommend (he recommended a laminotomy).

I was injured on September 20, 2005. I had had three months of physical therapy last fall that gave me perhaps 40% relief. I had a cortisone shot on January 25, 2006 that gave me some relief for about 10 days. At my first meeting with you I couldn’t walk more then a few yards, with the aid of a cane, without pain so bad that I would have to sit down. When you told me what kind of improvement you expected for me I thought that it was just wishful thinking. To my amazement I was 50% improved after only four weeks. I am now almost completely pain free, and I expect to be pain free soon.

I have developed a total confidence in what you say and do. I marvel at your skills. I love your unassuming style and your ability to never lose your pertinence with me in my fumbling attempts to follow your instructions. You are a great teacher and a joy to be with.

I thank “the Gods” that I found you.

Warmest personal regards,

Dave F.


Hi Andy: We never met, but my son was treated there in Jan and Feb for a shoulder injury which occurred while playing baseball. He was in so much pain that he could hardly move his shoulder let alone throw a baseball. He was very worried that because of the injury he wouldn’t make the freshman baseball tryouts in Feb. and his baseball career would be over. He diligently performed the strengthening exercises that were prescribed and made a complete recovery. He was able to make the tryouts and subsequently made the team. He played all season with no pain. He was thrilled and had a great season.

I just wanted to follow up with you and let your staff know how it all turned out.

Thanks for everything.

Laurel H.


Dear Alyssa,
Just a short note to acknowledge you! When Kevin Holman of Marin Orthopedic Sports Medicine referred me to your care with a diagnosis of Patella Pain, you devised the perfect therapy that was effective and quite successful in alleviating the symptoms in an incredibly short period of time. This inspired me to call you “my miracle worker.”

I appreciate your competence and obvious dedication to your calling. If ever I need a similar intervention, I will seek you out!

Warmest regards,




I have been meaning to send you a note. You worked with me on my arthritis (hip) problem four years ago. Since then I have done the exercises every day without a miss. After about 4 months the pain was completely gone and I have not had a problem since. Thought you would be interested to know that what you do works. Many thanks from my end. You made a big difference in the quality of my life.

Hope all is well with you.